Public Relations and Marketing Specialist

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A focused and driven communications leader, Latasha Ball brings her passion and positive attitude to each project she tackles. Latasha offers 15 years of experience in marketing, public relations, journalism and social media: From working with non-profits to the fashion industry. She is a master organizer with an eye for detail and envisioning projects from start to finish. 


Excerpt from "Hemopet: Saving The Lives of Dogs One Greyhound at a Time"

"Nova, a 3-year-old retired racing greyhound, is sitting quietly on a pillow in a playpen in the middle of an office. He is greeting employees walking by with a big greyhound smile and looks around for someone to pet him on the head. He looks up as Leslie Thorson goes into his pen, holds his face in her hands and gently kisses his wet nose. “We spoil him and feed him treats by hand,” said Thorson, blood bank operations director for Hemopet. She gives Nova a tasty treat for donating his blood."

Excerpt from "Washington County Hospital Receives Medal of Honor for Oregon Donation"

"Hagerstown, MD, October 8, 2009- The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) honored Washington County Hospital with the Medal of Honor for Organ Donation. With Washington County Hospital being the only hospital awarded five years in a row, the hospital was recognized for their excellence in raising organ donation rates of eligible donors during a 26 month period ending in June 2009."

Excerpt from "Never by the Numbers: Jaime Mason, Washington County 2009 Teacher of the Year"

"Math is a subject some students would prefer leaving out of their school schedule — but a great math teacher can make all the difference for a student who is struggling with the subject. Former Clear Spring Middle School student Brianna Arnemann, who will attend the Barbara Ingram School for the Arts this fall, has been on both sides of that equation. She credits her eighth-grade pre-algebra teacher, Jamie Mason, for helping her come out on the positive side. “I didn’t think I could do math and get into the [Barbara Ingram] school because I’m not good at math, and you have to have a good GPA,” Brianna says. “Because of her help, I was able to get into the school I wanted.”